Mulberry Development is an award-winning real estate development firm founded by Ovidiu Șandor, a successful entrepreneur from Timisoara. The company is best known for three leading real estate projects in Romania’s largest non-capital cities: ISHO and City Business Centre in Timisoara and The Office in Cluj-Napoca.

We are a client centered company that strongly believes in its mission to lead the market and to leave a positive mark on the local communities. This means that we are truly motivated to create added value and to enrich both the cities and people's lives through our projects.

Why Mulberry Development? The Mulberry tree is a symbol for the region of Banat. In the 18th century, mulberries were introduced in the region by the Habsburg administration for farmers to feed silkworms. The trees were largely adopted to such extent that silk became one of the main export products of the region. Even today, the roads in Banat are lined on both sided by these longstanding and value adding mulberry trees.


2016 -

ISHO is a large multifaceted real estate project comprising 50,000 sq.m. of smart offices, 1,200 high-standard desirable apartments, a world-class hotel, more than 7,500 sq.m. of parks and green areas, top rated services, as well as cultural and sports amenities. ISHO is a brand-new neighborhood in its own right bringing back to life one of the best residential areas in Timisoara and upgrading, thus, the entire city.

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2016 -

ISHO Offices is the new leading office development in Timisoara, offering the most attractive work environment in the city. It is a 50,000 sq. m. new generation workplace designed for companies to more easily attract and retain the professionals and talent they require. The project relies on a smart mix of architecture, urban environment and complementary services to provide a comfortable work environment that boosts the involvement, creativity and engagement of people working here.

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Radisson Blu Timișoara
Since 2020

Noul hotel Radisson Blu din Timișoara va fi finalizat în 2020, cu un an înainte ca orașul să devină Capitală Culturală Europeană și va avea 160 de camere, un restaurant gastronomic și un bar concept. Hotelul va avea, de asemenea, un spatiu de 1.000 mp pentru socializare (inclusiv un ballroom) și un centru fitness care va funcționa 24/7. Hotelul va fi o componentă integrantă din ambițiosul proiect imobiliar mixt ISHO din Timișoara, cel mai vibrant cartier al orașului.

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British International School of Timisoara
2019 -

Mulberry Development is developing the premises of the first British curriculum based school in Western Romania by fully restoring a former 1920 college building. The British International School of Timisoara aims to become a world class international learning community that inspires an ongoing desire to widen students’ minds and horizons. Students joining this school are stepping into a world of dreams and opportunities which can grow proportionally with their desire, effort, determination and ambition. The school will be accredited by local and international agencies, including the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) which is the highest distinction for a school with a British curriculum outside the UK.

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The Office
2012 - 2017

The landmark for work environment in Cluj-Napoca, also known as the Romanian Silicon Valley, The Office boosts both the involvement and the dedication of the employees working here. Its architecture, functionality and services increase comfort at work, enhancing great opportunities for networking and communication. The 54,000 sq.m. modern office spaces built in three different phases accommodate more than 5,000 employees in IT, finance, engineering, consulting and other services.

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City Business Centre
2006 - 2015

City Business Centre is the first major real estate project developed by Mulberry Development and also the first real A class working place in Timisoara. From a certain perspective, CBC has become a symbol for modern real estate development of the city. The project was built in 5 phases and comprises 43,000 sq. m. of modern office spaces, as well as various modern amenities.

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